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SmokeFree Summit: Citizen group wins effort to ban smoking in Nov. 4, 2003 election.  

Save the Peninsula :Citizen group wins effort  for the Frisco Peninsula in Nov. 5, 2002 election.       


~Environmentalists Grade Ski Areas  Resorts likely to fail
~Arson and Lynx... A catalyst for change encompassing Colorado’s Ski Industry

 ~Imagine The Day The Last Tree... The end of logging public lands?

 ~The Return Of The White Brother Native Americans refuse to leave their land

 ~It's Getting HOT In Here What are we doing about Global Warming?

 ~Waiting tables, for better or worse "You're gonna have to serve somebody…"

 ~Trail Blazers A look at the first trails in Summit County 

~First Snow This is how it is... 

~'That shit was up to my waist, man' Take a trip down memory lane with some local yokels 

~The Writings Of Doc PJ "LIfe Is A Trip"

 ~ Virtual News - A Skewed Version Of Reality Keystone Resort Investigated for Snow Padding

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Your Only Alternative ™
Summit Free Press.com is the successor to the highly acclaimed alternative  newspaper Summit Free Press published and distributed in Summit County, Colorado from 1994 to 2000.

At the Summit Free Press we write the truth in a world where the media is owned and controlled. We can tell it like it is.

The fight for the environment going on now in Summit County will impact our county, our state and even the nation for a long time to come. We are proud to be a part of the fight for free speech and all freedoms of expression.

We're trying to do something positive to raise awareness and consciousness in the world and to inspire people to action. And we're not even killing trees anymore to do it. So enjoy this cyber version of our publication.

The Severed Head

The Severed Head
tells it like it is.
If you don't like
the truth, don't
look at the vomit...

Green Party

Summit Greens The Green Party chapter in Summit County


Dear Abbey who?
Rerun will beat her ass,
and still have time to
answer your silly

Above It All
Sunlit County's
continuing classic
comic strip.

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