The Summit Free Press Photo Gallery
...all kinds of readers in all sorts places...
Biff America John Warner
Even famous Biff America reads the Free Press (in horror) Dr. Warner enjoying his favorite pastime
The SFP is read in NYC's Times Square. Jason reaches for a paper from the box that was blowen up
Rick Wilson motivates and educates himself reading the SFP before he attempts the dangerous summit of Mt. Sneffles. Oscar, guitarist and singer for the soon to be world famous Otis Roach Band, is happy to read the Free Press.
Rainbows T-Rex and Sunshine enlighten themselves with the Free Press at the Oh-Be-Joyful campground in Crested Butte, CO. Jay reads the SFP while the One World concert provides pleasing background music.
Even drunk people can enjoy the paper in less-than-ideal environments. The SFP staff presents the Golden Crank Award to the best towne bike in Breckenridge. Dr. pj was the ultimate winner.

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